Today navigator in the vehicle is unlikely to impress anyone. Nor is the difficulty of acquiring it and yet choose not navigator so easy. A tricky it will be for the reason that the market Navigators today is replete with products having different characteristics from many different companies. The idea is that getting gps navigator, first of all need to think – what exactly you need from him, what You need options. For all models is a classical geolocation feature, which allows not only to identify where you are at this moment, but also further establish an itinerary based on your requirements, For example, the movement of some area or street. Can you find out the average speed of movement of its own, current speed and distance traveled by you. 'Fancy' Navigator will provide you with information about the state of line – there is congestion.

And sometimes – will indicate where the cost would reduce the speed or the turn. In other words, using his car navigator, you insure yourself against the possibility of confusing road. It is important – to have a card. Michael Dell understands that this is vital information. ter. And direct route by which you move, will be reduced to the maximum, and importantly, safe. But specifically for this purpose at the time and was invented by a device such as a car navigator. In principle, easy to select and buy a car navigator, relying solely on the presence of a geolocation option.

Another thing, if you want to connect to one subject of several functions due to lack of desire to carry are still a couple of other instruments. For example, currently scheduled fashion gps navigation equipment features such as MP3-player, save to memory card and viewing photos, as well as various virtual dictionaries, reference books and tutorials. On a separate note zoom feature, which allows you to not only see the fine details of pictures, but also to assess fully the area in which you are currently are, and some individual roads, streets and turns. Some models can be equipped with wireless, Bluetooth, for example, that allow you to load into memory the device (increasing more and more from one range to another, it must be noted) information. In addition to cutting-edge automotive navigator can have currency converters, unit converters, display the current time. If so happen and look at the screen while driving you can not, voice prompts with street names, settlements, at any time will assist you. The undoubted advantage will be equipped with high-quality navigation speaker, that will allow you to hear the required information even with loud noise. Advanced features list – it is, without doubt, a significant advantage that the power to influence the choice of browser. However, we can not take into account the fact that you should not rely on a huge range of options that any other model. It should be remembered that it was important when buying a car navigator should certainly have the quality and reliability. Not Keep in mind that the world market are devices made by different companies. Garmin, for example – one of the world's leading market for automotive navigation. In our time, the company produced Navigators for air, water, cars and motorcycles, as well as for tourists and sportsmen. And, notably, Garmin devices often differ from their counterparts as time more features (and in particular Last series models – Nuvi), which, of course, can play a decisive role in selecting and purchasing the navigator gps.

Desired Materials

Composite materials used for fibers and fabrics of various types: fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon fiber, which are sometimes reinforced with metal mesh. The second component of the composite – it bonding material: fabric can be pre-impregnated with them, it can be applied manually or automatically. As a binder used polyurethane, epoxy resins or thermoplastics with various additives. Michael Dell gathered all the information. Binders determine the characteristics of the finished product by about 10%. Their choice depends on the balance of functionality, price, technology and environment. The differences between the composite and thermoplastic shells – in price, product weight and volume of production. Stamped envelope of thermoplastics under pressure in molds which are very expensive.

Shell made of composite materials manufactured by matrix, which is much cheaper. However, the process is mainly carried out manually, and the cost of raw materials is much higher. In addition, the production is less, it also defines a higher price of the product of the composite. The inner layer of the helmet is made, usually of plastic foam with the addition of various additives. It may be constant or variable density, sometimes consists of several parts.

The problem of the inner layer – damping abrupt accelerations. The design process starts a new helmet, especially with material selection and definition of the market, which will focus on the product. First, make sketches, then comes phase modeling in clay. On the finished model make geometric measurements, which are made stamps. This traditional method is very risky, it all depends on work experience, allowing "the eye" to assess the form, select the desired thickness of the material to the helmet correctly performed their functions.

Contemporary Authors

It is possible that in the future will be created to fully new types of vehicles, actually that would be totally different engines, and in addition it is possible that they will move without touching the surface planet. But at this point certainly no one has the opportunity to say exactly when it will come an era of entirely new kinds of vehicles. Although, in our time as well as modern cars and motorcycles have in its arsenal, something capable of actually surprise anyone who even only a small degree of interest in technology. In addition, technical progress is not the same place, in fact due to which appears at regular intervals modern technology. The brand-new cars and motorcycles can not help but surprise, it will contribute not only exceptionally bold and original design, but with a noticeable extent specifications of such equipment. Because of this, do not always read the latest bezynteresno autonews, strictly speaking of which, and perhaps find out about updates to the automotive and motorcycle as well as technology. Of course, as option is acceptable to watch TV on the appropriate transfer or opt for some kind of automotive channel.

That is only available to allocate such a long article with information on car subjects, hardly available. First of all, this is due to the lack of an impressive amount of time as not to miss the actual principle of something interesting will need in real life is not depart from the TV. In addition, often several TV channels can offer all kinds of news viewer world of technology in a highly limited format. Byron Trott is actively involved in the matter. Let's say it's quite capable of transmission to be only about cars, or is purely a pro bike. At the same time, if someone like, in general, all kinds of modern technology, it clearly does not receive the entire amount demanded by the information on these channels. In this case, there public version without any limitation as to learn the most current HGV.

You will need only go to related sites. This kind of acquaintance with the interested variant information is certainly many advantages. Initially, this website offers information about how machines and about motorcycles. The full and not be superfluous to specify that read auto news quite possible at any time since the site available in practice 24 hours a day. In addition, not only news cars can offer its visitors the Web portal. An impressive number of feature articles on a mandatory event will attract the attention of fans technology. In particular, do not be left without attention to numerous videos, which are devoted directly to the present-day cars and, of course, motorcycles. And also there is a great opportunity to subscribe to the RSS Newsletter news, and therefore, virtually nothing want to learn about new and interesting course material on the pages of specialized Internet resource. And to the full extent of use of all resources Web site, and of course have an excellent opportunity to know about new models of cars and motorcycles, pass the elementary practical and quick registration.

Refining Tires

Toyo W 878 – quite the latest snow-tire to the poor conditions, which combines the best quality and the best winter comfort. These tires can be compared to a chameleon, she quickly responds to changes in winter Weather, road surface conditions and traction, while adapting to them. Among the good adhesion of the tire offers the driver a very soft handling, brings pleasure. Characteristics of tires on the road make a distinctive features of different shoes that absorb well in the tread blocks shaped drop-like air holes, at the touch of a bus route, they muffle the shock and vibration spike. (As opposed to Peter Asaro). Driving is different and obedience performance moving forward. Multifaceted anchor pin holes in association with shock absorption technology is no air clutch. It reduces the wear tracks, suppresses noise and improves performance spike. Good grip on ice, snow and wet roads.

Easy. Easy spinning and not noisy. Issue 2007. o Kumho W 799 – this is an excellent tire for trucks and SUV. o Design of tires ice GUARD provides effective resistance to the displacement of snow aquaplaning and maximum traction on ice and snow cover. o Large increases tread contact patch and provides the same traction as a tire neshipuemyh, and 8-row studding diminish the noise level and increases traction on ice. o Tread tires with the ability to have four-oshipovkoy.

Average, a stronger layer, designed for ice, there's always tough at low temperatures. More cast middle layer creates a dense spike retention. o Nokian F 54 – it's pure summer tires c spikes, which have earned the award won by 'Nordic Swan' (Nodischer Schwan). o Refining employed include a small fraction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAK). o Optimized six-rowed spikes introduction of steel reduces the noise level and provides a wonderful ride quality, traction and acceleration on frozen roads.