When you have a serious desire to exercise, what is the real reason why I have this desire? And from there, from inside, from the deep desire, not from the limited mind, but from within you unlimited. If your happiness depends on you to accomplish something, that something did not manifest itself, your mind is telling you "you're not happy because you got no money", actually this is a game of your mind that makes you feel unhappy, and that feeling of unhappiness prevent manifest your desire. If you were happy, then you would have what you want, because that feeling of happiness to your life attract everything good that your inner self knows you need. The day you stop your mind give reasons why you're not happy, you will attract everything you want. If parts of the reasons for your unhappiness, money, a better job at work, a couple, none of this is manifest.

The day part of the reason why if you're happy, your desire to manifest because you will not be subject to your desire. It is as if we told God, "give me such a thing, because otherwise I will not be happy." What we have to stop doing is to justify ourselves, "I am happy because I need this, this, this," then we are basing our desire from what we need, from what we have. The big difference is that we must start with what we have, not the lack, if you put energy into the gap will have more grace, "Your wish is our command." Never say: we want if we start from a feeling of lack, a feeling of attachment that determines our happiness to have such a thing. For our desire is revealed, we must start with the abundance of everything we makes them happy, that the universe is kind and softeners with us. In the consciousness of a God of abundance, that everything is perfect and is in our lives, we have health, healthy children. We start from the perspective that all is well, how happy we are and that our lives. Everything we live in our lives is good for us, teaches us, makes us grow, to what our mind tells us "this is not good", our inner being knows that which is good because it teaches us and makes us stronger or we connect more with ourselves.

The secret is out of our inner being, you know that do not depend on a salary increase to be happy. Our inner self has no attachments, does not depend on external circumstances to be happy, our mind makes up excuses for our unhappiness. You are creating a new reality, the starting point is inside you, not what is on the surface. Your inner self is happy and rich and have love and nothing is missing, your reality is equal to your inner self if you start to build from there.