Mobile Exhibition

Mobile stands can directly affect the potential buyer at its location. Mobile stands used at exhibitions, presentations, POS-promotions. This exhibition equipment, such as mobile stands used repeatedly, that does not spoil their appearance. The service life of mobile stands very long. In today's business world exhibition frequent and important events that help companies make themselves known, to draw potential clients and profitable partners. Mobile booths-a handy tool that helps to achieve this success. To date, the concept of 'mobile exhibition' includes a range of portable exhibition designs. Mobile stands are divided into the following types: 1) Presentation mobile stands. Mikkel Svane often says this.

This poster, stretched and mounted with easy collapsible design. 2) Tablet mobile exhibition stands (screen). More complex design and high price. The frame of the stand consists of connected joints of aluminum or plastic frames, which are inserted in the graphic panels. 3) Mobile Exhibition stands Pop-Up – transforming a metal frame made of light tubes, folding like a mechanical umbrella. 4) truss mobile exhibition stands – form of bundles of chrome pipes (farm) with connectors of various configurations. Trusses used as a building block for mobile exhibition architecture for manufacturing complex exhibition designs.

5) Mobile exhibition stands on the basis of metal profiles (cell builder) – form of the profile of a square and connectors of various configurations. Curved surface of the stand formed by a combination of profiles with different radii of curvature. Application of the profile in conjunction with graphic panels with magnetic stripe can create a continuous image of virtually any size. r knowledge. The modular design of the stand allows you to change configuration of the stand, depending on the size and shape of the exhibition area. Variety of options for mobile stands offer the opportunity to exercise interesting projects that fully meet the reporting about the image organization. Mobile stands can be used not only for exhibitions but also in conducting pr and promotional events – conferences, seminars, field sales. It is a tool for mobile marketing. Mobile stands may also used as a design tv studios. Mobile exhibition stands are portable, lightweight and easy to carry. Mobile stands assembled and disassembled in minutes, require no special skills, physical strength and tools for assembly.

Mobile Equipment Exhibition

Mobile exhibition equipment appeared not so long ago. The first pieces appeared on the market in the 70's, at the turn of the 80 designers have already proposed a model on which to make today's models. Robotics expert does not necessarily agree. Today in the U.S. Official site: Marc Mathieu. There are about 50 national manufacturers of mobile stands. Around the same time, manufacturers of mobile stands there and Eurocom. And, of course, over the last decade in a loud voice declared itself producers in Southeast Asia, especially China, as well as in Taiwan. In Russia only a few manufacturers of mobile stands.

Basically – this type of design Fold up, for the manufacture of which the main structural component a special aluminum profile, which has already learned to make Russian producers. Among the sellers of mobile exhibition stands Fold up stands llc Riword. Among the small mobile stands can be identified price / quality mobile booth "Stella" on the sale of this bench also specializes llc Riword. Mobile Stand "Stella" distinguished primarily by price (about 1500 rub.) As well as simplicity design. Occupying little space, it is thanks to a very heavy base, great performing its task – holding a large graphic panels measuring 90-219 cm graphic panels mounted on the stand of "Stella" with eyelets and tension allows the spring to the top of the vertical support. Mobile Stand "Stella" is good when you have to spend a large advertising company. Due to the fact that the manufacturer is located in Moscow, to organize the delivery of This mobile stand is easier than in Southeast Asia, and the price it is in the same category as the Chinese booths.

Graphic Displays

Graphic led display – this versatile display, which allows for a graphical display (including video screen) and the ticker symbol or sign. led display has a homogeneous structure, consisting of picture elements – pixels. Each pixel of the display consists of one or more high-brightness LEDs. If a monochrome display, a pixel is composed of one or more LEDs of one color in a color display (two-tone, full-color), each pixel is composed of LEDs of different colors. In full-color display pixel is composed of LEDs of red, green, blue and sometimes white.

Pixels are usually located on the printed circuit board, several of these cards made a graphic display module. Module except the cards with pixel contains a power supply and a controller module (single or multiple), and may also contain various technical solutions to take the heat generated in the module. The module has a single constructive, providing protection for e-filling of the module from external influences. Modules of the electronic scoreboard are fixed on a single frame, which in addition to purely structural problem, provides additional protection modules from external influences and, in addition, ventilation for the removal of heat evolved modules. To led display panel shows image, graphic display has a main controller. The main display controller stores the image file in a compressed or uncompressed form, forms in his mind the picture on the scoreboard, divides it into pieces and distributed controllers modules to display. The more rapid the image (eg, video) and the more gradations of color has a scoreboard, the more powerful of a main controller, the bigger and more powerful should be the module's controller.

Brands and T-Shirts

Many companies think about how best to attract potential buyers. The most effective method presently is conducting various promotions. Proved that the first impression is very Persistent and then largely determines the relation of man to what he saw for the first time. And if we consider that any information is perceived primarily through vision, it becomes evident the need for visualization of its brand. This helps to better communicate with your target audience, telling consumers not only about the product itself, but also about his mood and concept. And it works! At your request, branding may be applied to any type of clothing and accessories.

T-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts, bags, backpacks, baseball caps with company logo or brand – a good reminder about a product that just speaks of solidity of the firm and qualitative approach to selling products. Drawing symbols in various ways. This may be an exclusive embroidery, high quality silk-screen printing. Also, we use the latest technology textile films (flock & flex). Latest fashion trends, bright contrasting colors – all we use to generate advertising clothes. Comfortable and stylish, promotional clothing and accessories for promotions are made of high-quality fabrics. We emphasize the progressive views of your company and custom-made clothing and accessories, using corporate colors, logos and trademarks that meet the trends.