Pressto Franchises

The Spanish franchise of dry-cleaning Pressto has just implement the laundry-day, a novel service offered through Business Pressto and whose main objective is to facilitate the life of all those who use it. And it is thanks to dispose of a laundry-day companies employees can enjoy more time for leisure and a greater reconciliation of work and personal life. Business Pressto is a service thanks to which, one or several days a week, all employees of a company have the possibility of enjoying a laundry-day. Thanks to this you can now have all clothes washed and ironed quickly without moving of the job and at a very affordable cost. It is no longer necessary to devote a single second to washing and ironing clothes at home since while working, Pressto is responsible for pick up at the Office, wash and iron it and deliver it again at the workplace in an impeccable manner in the same week. In addition, in the wash you can include clothing for the entire family without having to put washing machines and ironing at home. And is that, calculating that a family puts average 3 washes a week, and for each wash be needed 3 hours, if using Business Pressto to one of the lava flows, the time savings would be of 156 hours per year, which equals one week of time a year saving.

Also, the use of this service would mean a saving of up to 30% compared to the usual fare. The implantation of a laundry-day responds to the increasing need of reconciling work and personal life and the need for the companies to provide their employees with a better quality of life. Companies are increasingly seeking new formulas of motivation indicates Carlos Vidal, counselor Delegado de Pressto. For this reason, companies such as Cap Gemini, Carrefour, Caser, Lease Plan or Eulen already have signed up to this latest trend that can be adapted to the needs of the current lifestyle. Companies that already have a laundry-day have shown a high degree of satisfaction by its employees since it is a service that the company puts at your fingertips designed exclusively to save them costs and time, says Carlos Vidal. In this sense, more than 1,000 employees rely because Business Pressto added Carlos. Pressto, continues with its policy of approaching the consumer a new concept of fast quality dry cleaning with the most modern cleaning systems to offer all its customers the best finishes. Bactericidal and deodorizing, ironing cleaning by hand to avoid damage to the fibers, or individualized treatment of each garment and each spot are just some of the services offered by Pressto to give a perfect finish to your garments.