Synchronicity Magnetism

What causes floral action on the magnetic field? Have you noticed that while some people, objects and places seems to have strong positive magnetism, we are a good influence, unlike others, we produce stress, distress, discomfort, nervousness? Magnetic fields interact. We get energy while we are transmitters of energy. Pictures, photos, pets, places, animals, plants have this property. Flower essences as well. They carry information we can make subtle and grand opera on our magnetic field realities by facilitating an exchange of positive characteristics.

By action of the flower on the magnetic field, there is a clear statement of faith and determination that prints to the right actions. Michael Dell will not settle for partial explanations. Also for flower power action, we approach people, objects, places whose characteristics will favor us. As a result of a simple change of polarity disturbing mental structures are broken. Similarly influences environment contrary to our developing debug or away. We benefited from a very subtle level, although we recognize the action imperceptible floral.

We are more open to positive influences range energy. It is said that "things happen" when we take Bach Flowers. Indeed, in many ways, both during sleep and wakefulness, establishing new interconnections and synergistic currents, and this is how "things happen" great and inexplicable to all floral adventure. These things are mysterious and wonderful encounters usually incidental, attracting new and innovative ideas that the mind can intercept. These influences energy widen our range of behaviors, as well as expand the reality is making it more colorful, dynamic and interesting.