Suspended From Adsense

Have you been suspended from the AdSense program? There are many tips and tricks that you can use to restore a Google AdSense account. Firstly, we are going to evaluate because the account could have suspended the program. Did you know that an AdSense account can be suspended for sharing a computer? So, if you share a computer with a friend or family member, you can put at risk the AdSense account this is due to the ability of AdSense of tracking IPs. Therefore, if your friend or family member decides that he wants to get an AdSense account on the same computer, that would be seen by AdSense. That would result in that both accounts were suspended. If these passing a circumstance like this I recommend that you tell it to Google through the letter of appeal.

To let them know that these sharing a computer with other people in your House, Google may become more tolerant in the restoration of the account if it is that you have been suspended from the program. I suspect that most of the suspensions detect that something goes against its policies and conditions. When you begin to establish communication with Google about your account, make sure you express yourself very objectively. It is more cash be good and speak accurately and without any pressure. Make sure you build a solid argument. This is done by presenting evidence to support your case. If you’ve taken any screenshot of the CTR of your website it is highly recommended to send them to Google to complement the appeal of your case.