Studying Food Technology

Food technology is the science which is responsible for studying and guarantee the microbiological, physical and chemical quality of foodstuffs in all parts of the process (process, packaging and shipping), as well as during the phase of cooking them. As well as also to develop new products through the application of innovative technologies and the use of traditional and non-traditional raw materials depending on the characteristics of the country and its population. It’s a different nutrition science. The importance of food technology makes a commitment human and animal life to collaborate in the development and formulation of new products of good quality (Science and technology of food) and an affordable nutritional value to human life. Man for their survival need food whether fresh or processed, for this requires some preliminary transformations to adapt them according to the needs of consumption. The search for the application of Science to control the biochemical phenomena that lead to the deterioration of food, makes it necessary to an overall knowledge of food technology and the application of the various techniques used to prolong his life. Each of these systems requires knowledge of different physicochemical and microbiological parameters. This knowledge will allow the modifications of the food (food technology and engineering) or store them for short or extended with hygienic conditions, without significantly affecting its nutritional value and sensory characteristics.

Importance of the science of food its importance lies from several points of view: * economic * hygienic * legislative seeks a three-fold objective:-collect the amount of nutrients required for healthy food of a large and dense population. -Make food welcome to consumers and maintain a quality throughout the year. -Increase or at least maintain the nutritive value of foods (food technology), to maintain its proper state of health. Original author and source of the article