A piece of fruit mid-morning is the best substitute of the pastries. Less TV, more sport. The NAOS strategy advocates the regular practice of physical exercise as an essential means to combat obesity. Currently, the majority of children who live in developed countries carry a sedentary lifestyle. They are many who reach College, passed the afternoon sitting front of the TV or playing with the video game console. Lack of exercise coupled with a diet rich in fats derived in an increasing number of children with problems of excess weight. Instill in them the benefits derived from the practice of sport.

AND If it is teamwork, better, since it promotes values such as solidarity and collective effort. Help them choose the sport that best suits your characteristics and skills. And, of course, that you like. Sport should be something that us fun, not an annoying obligation. Take advantage of weekends to play with your children outdoors, ride a bike or hiking to the mountain. They will thank you. And your body also.

This type of diets much helps athletes to improve their performance, they are diets rich in amylase because it is what gives the energy at the time of training, these diets are recommended by specialists in nutrition of Spain which have been used with much success. All these diets are based on the food pyramid because they are healthy and the more recommended by nutritionists. favors athletes much doing this kind of diets because they give them fiber and vitamins to keep your bones strong. This is important since we are in the era of health where many people worry about the health of them and their children’s health is the main thing if these struggling with your weight in these moments I recommend you thoroughly read the content here for which you start to use this kind of diets.