Special Version

As reported on the official site, this volume contains, among other things, a unique game object – Brain Booster (Cerebral Accelerator). This artifact will enhance all the skills of the character – however, only 30 days until the newcomer will settles in and get used to the game. The subject of this can only be accessed by purchasing the publication eve Online: Commissioned Officer Edition, other ways of getting Accelerator is not provided. All buyers should keep in mind that these improvements will be happiness only first created on account of the character. In addition to actually play and bonuses in the box (this edition will be issued only in the boxed version) you will find the key to activate the new account monthly subscription to play, as well as a detailed guide a new player. However, beginners should still be careful not to be in place the player nicknamed Solarius, who recently lost $ 1300 in a game.