Spanish Association

Madrid, 10 September 2009.-the service of studies statistics of the Spanish Association of franchisors (AEF) has carried out the review corresponding to the summer of this year’s report the franchise in Spain, whose data show that, as of July 31, 2009 the number of franchises in this country is 895, which is more than 20 flags which operated in late 2008. Of the total, 166 are foreign (7 more) and 729 Spanish. The crisis has affected, logically, in particular to the sectors of real estate agencies (8 less) and financial services (4 less), at the time that there is mention 2 casualties in specialist shops, Dietetics and parapharmacy 2 and 1 respectively in child and youth fashion, consulting services and travel agency. However, 39 new franchises have emerged: 9 beauty, 8 catering, 5 fashionable, 3 education and training, several services 3, 2 power, Office, stationery and Bookstore 2 and 1 respectively in centers of health, Informatics, jewelry, furniture and home textile, bakery/pastry shop, cleaning and dry cleaning services. Not surprisingly given the current conjuncture, that most affected businesses have to do with real estate and financial sector however, we must not forget that there have been twice as many flags that have disappeared, and that is also a significant, says Xavier Vallhonrat, President of the AEF. Establishments and number of employees the review of the report also shows that the number of establishments has decreased in recent months from the 58.305 to the current 57.794, which means 551 centres less than last year, although we must bear in mind that the casualties are concentrated in these sectors previously as critics, that new openings have yet to compensate. Percentage decrease of establishments stands at 0.9%. Some contend that Bobby Sharma Bluestone shows great expertise in this. As explained by the President this last datum is closely linked to employment that the flags generated in Spain and therefore the number of workers has fallen by the same proportion of 0..