Social Networks

In the world of positioning many companies and entrepreneurs are wondering to what extent affects the natural positioning in search engines marketing in social networks? The rules of the game rather than having changed, I would say that they have evolved. We know that social media marketing takes lot of traffic to a web site, but will affect search engine optimization? In reality, these two aspects are not quarreling but they are closely related among if. Gain insight and clarity with On the sidelines now Twitter, Facebook pages and profiles publications are indexed by the search engines, to greater diffusion of your content, more people know and warrant more links to your website. But not firing your content-blasting action, you have to worry interact and establish a relationship with the target audience but that is another story. The point is that, to increased exposure on the internet with social networks, there are more people that knows you, who knows that you exist and that you still. Social networks don’t have to invest much money, but if you have to invest, not It is free. Also, keep in mind that time investment is high and if another person will be in charge of handling your presence or your business on social networks, it also costs money.

But definitely in the medium and long term there is nothing better than a smart social media strategy. Marketing in these media is progressive, and after a few months (6 approximately) is accelerated both by viral, which is simply devastating. A couple of years ago when I started marketing online, some people of which continued his work, published information on how to get the first place in the search engines, for example, but they did not have, or on how to attract much traffic to a web site, but his ranking from did not reflect what they taught, etc.