Social Networks

Almost everyone in Latin America know or are users of the popular social network Hi5, its impact on different countries to generated controversy, as many compared with MySpace, others prefer to Facebook, and most adolescents believe that it is the social network more personalized to the user. However the growth of Hi5 has been immense since step of having 28 million unique visitors, a little more than 56 million in just twelve months. Hi5 came before Facebook and MySpace to some countries in Latin America, since it opted for an international audience and to its simple layout, making the users of Latin America wasn’t them very difficult to overcome the language barrier. The majority of its users are young people, who use Hi5 as a means to hang their photos and become increasingly more popular, send comments, join schools, customize your profile with funds and until the mouse cursor, also with Hi5 can send gifts to your friends, clear that at a price but is one very reasonable. The last application of Hi5 consists in change your language locally, only have to enter your account to give you home click and above the top right you will find the icon of a globe you click and it will show a window where you can choose your language. Then your profile and home changed completely here an example of an account of Hi5 in Peru: before: Add friend now: Add amig @ before: No, thank you now: nothing happens although this application still is in beta, demonstrates that this Hi5 betting by the young audience. We know the list of some countries in Latin America where this Hi5 advancing: Dominican Republic Peru Mexico Ecuador equal to Dominican Republic and Peru, Ecuador Hi5 is the third most popular website. In the same way, users like to give very private information about them, put photos, change their States, and ultimately show any event and make it public on your page. Argentina and Chile are undoubtedly countries that less use Hi5, due to the large positioning of Facebook in these two countries.