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Internet users run social networks to connect with family, friends and virtual acquaintances. It is inevitable that in this social coexistence people talk about products and services that consume. Companies and dealers know this and also run social networks. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Kai-Fu Lee. Several companies announce large profits thanks to social networks and more small businesses are to win customers in the social network facebook. With the increase in applications to be connected from the mobiles of latest range we can be alert more hours, sharing and doing much social life on social networks. Small businesses and individuals who do business become aware of this phenomenon and it is a fact with the following distribution, according to Panda, in United States: 69% on Facebook 44% on Twitter YouTube LinkedIn 23% 32% the risks in social networks begin to notice 33% of small businesses were affected by malware Facebook is the social network more infected with 71% of the problems. 51% of those affected was by Twitter. If you are not convinced, visit Pete Cashmore. 41.2% of affected on YouTube.

Lost money Many companies point out that they have lost money on social networks due to privacy issues. 62% of the losses was in Facebook 38% on Twitter 24% on Youtube 11% LinkedIn however, small businesses say that, although there can be problems with privacy and security, the benefits that bring social networks offset assume these risks. 78% Of surveyed SMEs ensures that they use to support research and competitive intelligence, as well as to improve its customer service or perform public relations.