Silence. Why Do People Keep Silent ?

Silence. What is silence? Everyone there is his concept in this regard. For some, the silence is just silence for someone to do something more. The worst thing is the concept of silence for me is when I want to know the answer, but man silent. It happens, you love the person, gain strength for a long time to tell him about it, but, confessing their feelings, you hear silence in return. It is very difficult to bear. Easier to hear the answer – no.

A silent, just silence is so scary. Hard when you ask people what – what you ask to help you, and in response you hear all too silent. Why people choose this method of response? It’s much easier to hear, just NO or YES. And the world is completely different, you see the eyes of man, can you hear his voice, but no, only silence, and you realize that people do not want to tell you, do not even have, then you are not worthy of it? And in fact, only the weak and cowardly people are silent in response to the recognition of something. The strong man is never afraid to say NO, how hard was it the other party .