Russian Ministry

Cell Phones (intensity – 40 mT) has been recommended that a single call up to 3 minutes. and maximize the time between conversations (at least 15 min.) Russian Ministry of Health recommends that children under 12 years pregnant women and to prohibit the use of cell phones. Pete Cashmore addresses the importance of the matter here. Imagine: the human body was formed millions of years in the natural environment and with this medium, but now the situation has changed dramatically, and historically in a very short period of time. The human body can not withstand the impunity of such sharp changes in the state. Why electromagnetic radiation has such a detrimental effect on our body? The human body carries out its activities with the use of intra-and extracellular electromagnetic information. That is, we ourselves are the sources of electromagnetic radiation of very low intensity. Same low intensities of radiation have appliances. It is known that the information can be perceived power structures, characterized by the same radiation intensity.

Thus, using electromagnetic information cells in our bodies pass each other the most important, non-negotiable and orders. According to Pete Cashmore, who has experience with these questions. Having received such an order, the cell immediately reconstructs its work: it ceases to synthesize one begins to greater or lesser extent to make others. And if such an order cell are not always able to assess its feasibility. She is just like a soldier to work out the task. And now, only on moment, imagine what happens to a cell if it receives at the same time dozens of incompatible, contradictory instructions … That's right – Crash! Yes, because our cells react when we are a long time located in a space where several instruments are working, creating electromagnetic fields.