Recover Lost Information

Since here this the solution to times passes, because my I spend the same, by chance delete data from my hard drive, train the wrong unit and I felt that we had the sky down, I didn’t know that make searching and investigating reaches several programs to find a solution, however these were test programs which me permitia see what recovers more not recovering because he had to pay lots of money, anyway thanks to the perseverance I found a website where I was the program easy recovery 6 in Spanish, an excellent program I recommend it retrieves everything, fixes and does much more, it is difficult that found this program in its free and professional version, always they charge you for the download, because I thing tried it I found on a website, and excellent. I leave this contribution for many people who sit in trouble now this website that lets you download the Professional version moved to this blog address I recommend it retrieves everything, also in that blog they explained you many more things about the quality of the software if you do not enter the web then consiganse this program easy recovery 6 Professional is in Spanish. more opinions about the program: the program is the perfect solution to recover data that we have lost in any means of storage or operating system. Allows you to reconstruct data from a hard disk that does not work for a fatal error. The idea is simple: when a hard drive is very damaged, but it contains vital information, Easy Recovery PRO lets you retrieve that information and copy it to any other disk which is in good condition. Recovers data after a format, individual files, office documents, ZIP, email (Outlook, Outlook Express). It is a 3 in 1: makes a diagnosis of disk, recover data and repair files. How to RETRIEVE our data: On the main screen of the program, appears a menu with five tabs on the left side of the screen: 1.-diagnosis of disk: performs an analysis of the disk and partitions, and informs us of possible problems you might have, and includes also a manager’s ability that tells us how they are spread our Gb, what how many files and folders.

2. Data recovery: We can find and recover deleted files, recover files from a formatted disk and retrieve raw. 3. Recovery of files: Repair database Access, spreadsheets in Excel, Power Point presentations, Word documents and ZIP compressed files. 4. Repair of E-mail: The same thing but for Microsoft Outlook. In addition to being very intuitive, as I said above has a very complete help which we can access with this F1 key version works on windows 98, 2000, millemiun and XP platforms.