Publishing Boitempo

' ' Knowing itself exactly is established previously in already-be-together-ao-world, in which the being of the presence if constitutes in way essencial' ' (HIEDEGGER. 2004, p.100). It affirms that if it is not belonged or it does not have more control on itself is to be friction all the human beings of dementeds person or insane people. Or that the being if sees private to become they outrem is not to value the being as being and that to be it it needs to perceive themselves, this perception if to give in the world in relation to the one with what he is the being. Ademais to consider the being as an foreigner of itself exactly is to agree that it does not have to be I legalize in hypothesis none and this roll of absorbed beings of itself exactly, that nothing they enxergam, nothing think and nothing they are. But, it has despite to mention the merchandise condition, if thus he will be I propagate it of the alienation then all we are merchandises for being all the result of a culture that survives for the production and reproduction of what it is necessary for the felt survival in its amplest one and in the myopic direction to eat and not only to procreate. If we can speak of alienation in the current days is only as rotulao of a being in relation to the other, it says where It that B does not understand the world of and that B is mentally ill, or in thought chains that if treat as you would more still free of the slavery of the being that if leaves to enslave for ways it isolation of itself in relation something or of it lacks of understanding of something, thus the mentally ill one would be only one opinion and not a real condition. The reality that each one perceives as real is not another thing seno the condition of being in the world and being for itself.

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