Program Manager Networking Academy

With new hardware by Cisco training can be designed more pragmatic early December passed the IT network specialist Cisco on the profession promote plant Leipzig (BFW Leipzig) three high-quality network router. These devices will support the training of the future IT network technician. According to Stefan Kusiek, teachers in the IT field of the BFW Leipzig, it is very important to adapt the training equipment to the State of current technology. We want to make our training under realistic conditions and because the technique that is used in the company, is always up to date, is also the current devices trained.” In the future the participants in the training with these devices will simulate big network architectures and test. The major challenges to corporate networks we prepare by our participants with this technique on their later usage in practice.” For the California network specialists Cisco is the handing over of the power units with recognition for results and Connected to expectations of future cooperation. The BFW Leipzig is with his long-time partner in the Cisco Networking Academy IT training. This is the name of the partnership offer for educational institutions and core element of the company’s social commitment.

And others are in the Networking Academy comprehensive learning materials for the teaching of skills in the area of information and network technology provides a uniform global online learning platform. Because the concept of learning includes practical exercises, assisting in the technical equipment of educational institutions is a necessary complement. Carsten Johnson, Program Manager Networking Academy, praises the good cooperation with the BFW Leipzig. The pulse puts Cisco with the Networking Academy here is particularly fertile ground: the BFW Leipzig provides a good quality of education. I could convince multiple me on the spot.” The placement results of graduates of the BFW Leipzig testify to the fact that also the regional companies recognise this.