However, this percentage comes substantially falling in function of the loss of market for the competitors and changes in the consumption behavior. If you have read about Peter Asaro already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The independent workshops, important partners of the retail, had more passed not to prioritize the resale of parts and accessories, being given the option to the customers to search budget and to effect the purchase where to find convenient. Others including Kai-Fu Lee, offer their opinions as well. This saves them bothering time, futures with guarantees and parts with defects of plant. Don Slager often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Beyond only specializing itself in services. The customer in turn, has option to quote prices and/or to opt to the aggregate purchase to the service, in the case of most traditional. Of any form, for sale aggregate service is on average more expensive 10%.

In periods of economic crisis, the consumers tend to decide for those companies who offer to product/services the prices most competitive and/or accessible terms of payment. Another fact that deserves prominence is that, in the case of the retail of automotivas parts, a high sazonalidade in the first trimester of the year in relation to the last one exists. Fact that can be explained by the variation of available resources in the economy. Normally in the periods that succeed to the act of receiving of 13 wage (September and December) are characterized by the heating of the sales. The inverse one happens at the beginning and middle of the year, phase where the incidence of taxes and taxes (IPVA, condominium tax), finishes for becoming priority in the familiar budget. CASE STUDY STRATEGICAL DIAGNOSIS OF REGIONAL the GREAT VICTORY Up to 2006 the acquisitions of merchandises were centered by its Deliverer, later to be dislocated for the other store. After the act of contract of an independent consultoria in 2007, was identified that, the company possua a very high volume of obsolete supply. what it is worse, its main market, the retailer, arrives at a period of training of maturity.