Policy Orchestrator

10 In the dialog box, Database Server Account, deselect the Use the same account as the Server service, select This is a sql Server account. Enter, and then check the safe password. This account has sa account which allows service ePolicy Orchestrator server use to access the database msde. 11 Click Next, to save your information to access the database. 12 In the dialog box http Configuration, change the Agent-to-Server communication port 82 and Console-to-Server communication port 83. Some http ports (ports 80 and 81 in particular) are usually used many http applications and services. Because of this, port 80 may already be in use and be available. McAfee recommends that you change the port number to avoid any conflicts.

13 Click Next to save the information about the ports. If you see warning message stating that one or more http port is used, click ok and repeat step 12, this time specifying the http unused ports. 14 In line Set E-mail Address dialog, enter e-mail address to which the notification rules The default send messages if they are allowed. This e-mail address is used function ePolicy Orchestrator Notifications. 15 In the dialog box, Ready to Install, click Install to begin installation. Installation takes about 20 minutes to complete and can offer you reboot the system during installation. 16 Click ok, when prompted to restart, and do not forget to enter the system after the reboot to continue installation.

17 When the installation is complete, click Finish. After completing installation, you can open the console ePolicy Orchestrator to begin deployment of agents and anti-virus products for customers in the network systems. The first launch of the console ePolicy Orchestrator Now your server is up and running. Open the console ePolicy Orchestrator, to start use ePolicy Orchestrator to manage network policies. To open the console with your ePolicy Orchestrator server: 1 Click Start, to select Programs McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator 3.6.0 Console. 2 On the Start Page, click Log on to server. 3 When the dialog window Log on to Server will make sure that the Server name displays the name ePolicy Orchestrator server user name User name – admin, enter the Password that you set during installation, and then click ok. 4 If you have installed the trial version, click ok in the Evaluation. Wait a few minutes until the ePolicy Orchestrator initializes the server. Now you are ready to use the console ePolicy Orchestrator.