Plan Web

No doubt this point is of utmost importance for the success of our online business, a mistake frequently committed is that when our website design is completed we think that the work is completed and we will rain prospects from our web site. At the end of the design of our WebSite just begins the real work of selling on the internet. To do this we must follow a series of well-organized not to get lost in the attempt to standards. We work primarily in the traffic of our web site if you don’t have visits is that we had never created our website, since nobody visits it and nobody learns the product or service that we offer. It is there where comes the planning, when we created a web site we define an objective clear which is sold on the internet our products or services, or you can call us to our business and close sales. We have a clear goal, however to reach that goal we must do certain tasks that will take us to fulfil it, these are those that we must plan for month to month and week to week. We must define uses week in which we’re going to focus on specific tasks, for example: in the second week of the month are dedicated it to write articles, content creation, that will be our focus in that week.

(As you did you notice I started not by the first week because you’ll see because) Then in week 3, we give priority to the generation of traffic to our web site in forums, be published in directories and others. In the fourth week is that demand more effort since it is here where we are going to create a marketing strategy, a promotion an additional bonus to give impetus to our product or service. In the first week we are going to do is monitor our 4 week strategy. We should do the marketing strategy in the fourth week since we are preparing for the end of the month which is where there are better purchasing environment, credit cards are charged, and there is a mood of people to buy. This obviously depends on the product or service that we offer will not always be the same for everyone. You must know when your prospects have better mood to buy. If you do this for 6 months to a year the results will be noticed! Incidentally all the weeks you have daily tasks, these should not be affected by the above you should find the way that your activities comply with specific weekly. Here I leave you a very practical software that lets you manage your daily activities.

I use it for a while already and me is very useful. I hope to be of benefit for you also. Planning has a very important role in the success of your business, do not hesitate to apply these concepts hope of advantage for your business.