This is the question which perhaps many young students, are made when it comes the idea of making money on the internet, because as they are already noticing it, earn money on the internet requires a lot time and effort, by which that could adversely affect us in our studies.But an advice that I can give you is to use the theme of your studies with the theme of your blog or website, for example, if you are a medical student or something, because you could design a site about health, diseases, or something related to suggested drugs; Since you’re not the only student of these issues, surely many other students from speaking in any way may come to your page, and in addition to this obviously must investigate much to assemble your blog and be constantly updating you by what you will learn a lot about the subjects that correspond to your studies and as time is double advantage another important point.(learn English faster) I recommend that you think your blog not only related to your area of study, but also include topics related.For example on your website about medicine, you can also get information about Anatomy, embryology, something of Pediatrics etc.Another example, I being a student of computer science, I think do a website about programming, languages, programs and related things shortly, I am sure that whatever your area of study, there is much to investigate and be published, and also many interested readers on such topics.I hope you achieve evenly distribute you time between your studies and keep your web constantementeSuerte.Pd. Sorry for only used as examples medicine and computing, as they are the unique races with which I have some experience. For even more opinions, read materials from Elon University. I am sure that you can identify East article to your study area. author dexterry link in the original article English fast original author and source of the article.