Pay Payment

To exchange one electronic currency to another is enough to choose the amount and indicate the direction of exchange – Special scripts automatically produce an instant exchange, although it is desirable to use a proven exchangers, so as not to fall for bait scammers. One of the good service that offers to find low-cost exchange direction, I use personally and advise you. If you are faced with the need to replenish your account in one of the electronic payment systems, or alternatively cash you earn money, then you will come to the aid of special projects, ready for a certain percentage of your money transfer from electronic to real in your bank account, postal order or cash. Them as there are many, but the advice once again proven options. I personally do its work so far has used only one such service, on the recommendation of his partner, – WM-center exchange titular characters, and remained very pleased with his work. Since we have broached the subject not only electronic money, but in general settlement in the Internet, I would like to say a few words. My dear readers, if you are seriously thinking about building their business with the connection of payment on your site think first and foremost about their clients.

I am confident that you can easily learn all the wisdom of working with payment systems, but your potential buyers will agree, does not necessarily have to possess this knowledge, to make a purchase in your online store. Therefore, along with an electronic payment for the goods shall be present and familiar to all other methods of payment such as money transfer to your bank card payment through the post Department and others, the more the client is easier to carry out the purchase, and you, respectively – to earn. You know, under a still stone gathers no moss. And I want to say a few words about the different payment options for your product Pay by SMS from your mobile phone. Very advanced technology, which allows to significantly increase the percentage of sales, especially for goods worth up to $ 5. It is very convenient and effective! Connect the service You can use the service SMS-lock. More information and links to registration can be found on my website in the section