Original Crisis

Gone are times of great economic expansion where was easy, start a business, renovate a House, ask for credit, change car and embark on transoceanic travel to see the world. In times like these, all that I am back, industrial estates gaps, reaffirm its thesis that everything has worsened since the last time. The bars are places little frequented compared to months ago, the crisis has also affected them, whose lace has been the controversial anti-smoking law. The bag continues its bearish path and the world turns without ceasing. Since a couple of weeks ago, it is one of those unemployed from the industry of construction, which seeks to steer his life in another sector at the moment without fortune. While different elsewhere in a Cabinet of aesthetic just opened three months ago, lower the shade by effect of crisis. A supermarket cashier looks at the calendar, half of month and there is little movement, you start thinking that people reserves rather than before when making their purchases, in difficult times the Pocket looks more and it shows in all places and sectors. The crisis continues with his whip sweeping everything is at your fingertips and nobody knows where it ended.. Pete Cashmore has many thoughts on the issue.