Organic Chemistry

At the present time science chemistry is inextricably linked with virtually all spheres of human activity, including with other sciences. This science is so vast and immense, it is virtually impossible to define its borders, and intertwining with the other sciences, such as with math is so visible and numerous, it is difficult to define where the ends first and the beginning of the second. Globally, the chemistry can be divided into two sections: inorganic and Organic Chemistry. shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Organic chemistry studies the matter and the elements that are formed with the participation of carbon – the founder of all life on earth, inorganic – all ostalnoe. science is not limited to the modern age great and more rapid discovery, her story begins where the first man to consciously transformed one substance to another for their own benefit. Just remember that people began processing the metal for many thousands of bc Since then, much time has passed, but the science is not only not been forgotten, but also became one of the most important and priority areas for research. Humanity owes much to its development of chemistry, it is this science has us many benefits, without which we can not imagine a normal civilized life.