Oras Electra

E-plumber is a series of non-contact fittings for bathrooms and sanitary unit. Electronic plumbing can be installed in public places, and in any bathroom or bathroom. For all public places such as schools, kindergartens, hospitals, restaurants, bars, cafes, train stations, airports, cinemas, museums, electronic plumbing is simply not replaceable, as in public places is always a risk infectious disease, and with electronic fixtures you will not even have to touch the faucet to flush button urinal or toilet. Just no small role played by such urgent in our time a thing as saving water. Now the mixer and the rest of the electronic plumbing watching every drop of water, which will significantly reduce water consumption. On the Russian market of electronic plumbing at the moment a great choice, here are a few brands, excellent reputation in this area is Grohe, Hansgrohe, Hansa (Germany), Oras Electra (Finland), Kopfgescheit (Austria).

E-plumber is divided by built-in it the sensor response. Infrared, sensor and radar differ Response properties of the sensor, radar plumber reacts to the volume of the room, and an infrared sensor and plumbing works to light. Not play an important role and design of electronic plumbing, as a rule, he does not concede conventional plumbing, and even surpasses it for its performance. In the electronic plumbing includes faucets for sink, shower, bath, electric hand dryers, electric dispensers for liquid soap, electric flushing system for urinals and toilets. Electronic taps can be with mixing and without mixing, mixer, without mixing is normally connected to a central thermostat, already exhibited the desired water temperature. All e-plumber is produced on high-precision equipment from environmentally friendly materials that can safely and reliably operate for many years.