Orange Foundation

eEspaa 2010 finishes presenting/displaying the annual report on the development of the Society of the Information, eleborado by the Orange Foundation. Like significant data, the report sample that the Spanish internauts are ” great usuarios” of social networks. In particular, Spain is placed over the European average in this aspect, mainly with smaller internauts of 40 years, being Facebook and Tuentu those that agutinan the greater number of users. In agreement with the data of the report, the users of Tuenti, younger make a use more frequent than those of Facebook. In the section of networks ” Peer to peer” , that serves to share information between the two or most usuary ones in the network, the report indicates that because these networks are ” fomentado” the interchange of subject archives to author rights is ” originado” many critics.

The referring data to this subject are sacda of another study on the same ausnto elaborated by consultant NPD Group. In autonomic terms, Madrid is the region better located in the denominated index of convergence of society of the information (ICSI), in front of Catalonia, Aragon and Asturias. ” The crisis has returned abrir to the distances between the regions with smaller development and lder” , it indicates the report. The last positions of convergence occupy the Canary Islands, Extremadura, Castillas-La Mancha and Murcia. You can be unloaded the complete report beating here. Also it is possible to emphasize, that the majority of the Spanish users daily concectan to the networks ” Peer to Peer”. Being the statistics of a 36% every day, a 32% the week ends, a 22% from time to time and of a sometimes precise 10%.