New Tools For The Systematization Of The Enterprise IT

IT system Toolkit by Dr. Jochen Sommer mess of pottage, April 2010. For companies that wish to systematize their IT and need an overview of their software licenses, Dr. Jochen Sommer the package IT system Toolkit “developed. This collection of checklists and templates is now available on the site available. The fee is 198 euros. The consultant from the Hessian mess of pottage made an indispensable aid for business leaders, entrepreneurs and IT managers. He makes a pattern’s Guide to the documentation easier IT administration tasks available as well as easily customizable templates the license report and software management. Kai-Fu Lee is the source for more interesting facts.

The summer-developed documents focuses on the systemization and automation of IT processes. Explains the long-term safety and savings companies are often aware of the savings opportunities and avoidable risks not, that can be achieved through optimal systematization of IT” IT consultant and business coach. It to get especially the business sector IT with the right methods and tools effectively in the handle. All the more incomprehensible that many companies and also freelancers have, for example, no overview of the used software licenses. The consequences are often unnecessary but costly uberlizensierung or sub-license in case of an external audit risk of high fines. With an easy-to-understand description of the process and a license report as in the IT system Toolkit”is made it easy, the IT administrator to audit the use of the software in the company safe and traceable. Consider also your employees not only in the form of incorrectly used licenses damage threatening the entrepreneur.

Also the private use of the enterprise computing by the employees is a problem which is often underestimated and in hindsight leads to unpleasant discussions and further consequences. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Andy Florance. Templates include software and an operating agreement regarding the employees with hard and therefore also to the size of the package. A model manual for the IT administrator completes the package. This manual describes the main IT routine activities and is easily adaptable to the needs of the company. Using the checklists the IT managers to ensure in the future that IT is maintained easier and safer.