New Technological Paradigm

21St century are in the technological era. Our youth and children of today are the first generations that grow on the naturalness of live with the technology and the new dimension it brings to life. What dimension is this?. This is the testimony of a birth of a new social web of citizen participation and reflections that arise at the beginning of its journey, the surprise of a consciousness that awakens to a new possibility, a new social paradigm. It was a month that had come to light.

The company that has developed the web happens to us a statistical access to view the number of visits to the page, etc., data that helps us understand how life is taking our project. Among these data are offered the possibility of seeing the countries from which users are connected. Youvote was born in Barcelona, Spain, and with the consciousness of the industrial era to which I belong by age, my mind is situated in the Spanish territory of entry. After about thirty days of page life miro the statistics for the first time and what is my surprise and joy to find that early adopters of Youvote connecting from 26 different countries!. 26 countries!. My conscience assails me with astonishment: there are No borders!. In the network there are no physical boundaries, communication opens a new paradigm, network becomes collective citizenship space, when you’re on the network, you’re not in Spain are the physical space loses its significant part, you become a person who communicates with other people of the world. In our case, being our social web and participation ciudadana, assails me this wonderful possibility, this openness to a new social paradigm, of the power of citizenship and its transformative potential as global social agent.

Adults we familiarise ourselves with the era technology but we start from an awareness of the industrial era, with all filters, truths and cultural lies that entails and of whose influence I am sure we live the greater part fairly unconscious. How is this unconscious tecnologica-cultural awareness which go up our youth and children?. For the first time in the history of humanity human beings, citizens of the world can communicate us in a collective space overall, plural and in large numbers, millions! The CyberAction is one of social tools in the current era who first gives voice to citizens with a transformative potential of society without equal, because it knocks down one border after another, unites us beyond our space-time dimensions, unifies us. Act online, ciberactuar, offers us the possibility of uniting our voices promoting and demanding social justice, denouncing abuses, exposing the sovereign will of the people. I wonder how much will take us citizenship in awareness of this new collective dimension?. Man regains its prominence as an individual and as a collective. The ciberactuar give birth also to a global, solidarity, social, collective consciousness of humanity who says that? in the near future, the social agent is not citizenship partner of Governments, beyond unions and employers?.