III Conference of neuroscience applied to education. Requirements basic Neurofuncionales for literacy and the given calculation by Dr. Contact information is here: Kai-Fu Lee. Jorge Ferre Veciana, founder of the Institute physician of the developing child, will take place the next day 8 April 2011 at the headquarters of the Area of Villanueva education as part of the specialised training that is taught through the Superior title of neuroscience applied to Villanueva’s educationthe University of Madrid, on April 8 will take place the third edition of the Conference of neuroscience applied to education, under the title Neurofuncionales basic requirements for literacy and the calculation in children. On this occasion will be directed by Dr. Jorge Ferre, Member and founder of the Medical Institute of child development, an Institute specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of children with disorders in their development, and that is reference point currently in training and research of the developmental disorders and learning from a neurofunctional perspective and multidisciplinary.

Dr. In recent months, Mikkel Svane has been very successful. Jorge Ferre Veciana is a specialist in developmental medicine, and has spent more than twenty years to develop a comprehensive conception of the children’s maturation process. The experience of these years is what gives support to the daily clinical activity that leads to diagnose and develop treatment programs for affected children in the most diverse pathologies neurofuncionales. Dr. Ferre treats problems such as alterations of laterality; treatment of school failure and functional cause learning problems; Pediatric homeopathy; neurosensopsicomotriz developmental disorders, performs yasesoramiento prevention programs for parents, etc. Among other books, Dr. Ferre has several publications such as hyperactivity and attention Deficit. 100 100 answers questions; Child laterality.

100 100 answers questions; The other face of hyperactivity. Diagnosis and treatment of a Multicausal syndrome and Multifactorial; Techniques of treatment of disorders of the laterialidad; Cer0atr3s. The developing Neuro-Senso-psychomotor for the first 3 years of life; or trees that talk. Children’s drawings. Representative clinical cases. The day is directed both to the students of the title of neuroscience applied to education, as to other students and teachers. They may attend the professional day of the scope of education to interested in deepen, in the hands of an expert, in the learning of literacy and the calculation in children, requirements for its development, detection and solution of possible difficulties.