Do in the 90? s came e-commerce over the Internet, and likewise a threat for the multilevel and networks of marketing, its techniques tested from 30/40? s seemed insufficient. What happened then? There were many victims? Direct and cheap with e-commerce and Internet, conditions have changed for manufacturers, now could reach consumers faster, cheaper and with several options to a click away. Look at this, now people could buy with a couple of clicks, querying options in web indexes or search engines, all without leaving your home. Surely you’re wondering now for what followed with the networks of marketing channel, if it cost more, needed more time to reach the consumer and needed more infrastructure? Shooting target remember Daredevil? You have an enemy who is called Bullseye, is a character which always gives the blank no matter what weapon used, can be a dagger, a coin, a small stone or any another object, not fails. So it is also with network marketing, it is very effective to introduce new products and penetrate new markets. In electronic commerce was needed to generate traffic and positioning for new products to consumers, what it cost lot of money to get the acceptance of the market. So it was how they ended up allying the marketing networks and Internet, now the networks could grow faster, cheaper and more robust thanks to the improved communication that gave Internet.

And manufacturers could penetrate markets more efficiently leaving the Networkers to take advantage of the technology and resources that this gave them to position their products and services. It seems that men created them and they came together. If you liked this article, share it with your friends.