Network Operators

TELES enables network operators additional revenue in the cloud of Berlin, 19.07.2011. The TELES C5 IP Centrex platform for network operators in version 3.9 is now available. It is based on the TELES C5 application server that is optimized in this version for hosted unified communications solutions. Version 3.9 supports more devices, offers advanced calendar and phone book functions, as well as an individually adjustable code lock. TELES C5 IP Centrex is specially tailored to the requirements of the German and European markets. The infrastructure solution provides all of the features required in these markets communication (FMC) and unified communications (UC) for IP Centrex, fixed mobile. To the specific requirements of the operators and their customers she can flexibly adapt. The proliferation of IP Centrex is increasing in Germany: when compared to traditional PBX IP Centrex can create solutions at a low cost and operate.

Network operators can additional revenue with hosted PBX and UC offerings generate. The European”open stage is now configured for devices of Siemens series as well as end devices by Yealink IP Centrex TELES C5 IP Centrex platform in version 3.9. So far, the system of already leading the most devices manufacturers such as Siemens, Aastra, snom support. In addition, version provides 3.9 advanced calendar and phonebook categories, as well as an individually configurable code lock, which can prevent certain outgoing external calls. TELES C5 IP Centrex supports all common TK-systems functions, including answering machine -, Conference -, routing, IVR, CTI functions as well as a smooth fax reception and shipping”, explains Frank Paetsch, CTO of TELES. Add the demand in Europe features such as flexible night circuits, the entire range of ISDN performance features or configurable Chief Secretary functions are specifically ‘. This is crucial in this country for the success for the end customer and distinguishes TELES from American producers.” The only German-speaking “Manufacturer of carrier-grade” IP Centrex TELES has been offering its own IP Centrex infrastructure solutions since 2007.