Network Marketing

Some time ago I read an article in el Pais newspaper about us women and our influence in the current economy. I started the article saying: together, they have the economic potential of China and India, but they still don’t know it. And, oddly enough, nor the majority of the companies have stopped to think about it. Women live a second revolution that is emerging so fast that it has not given time to the world digest it the article focuses on the theme of consumption but I would like to highlight the fact that in reality the author is absolutely right. Today there are many women who are not aware of the enormous potential that have and are resigned to the fact of going through life where the wind takes them.

Last week I found myself with several known mine, most over age 40, without work and worried about the current economic situation. To tell them that they did not have to resign ourselves to this situation and instead, they should focus on study and acquire knowledge to seek better opportunities in life and work; I answered for that?. They were older, it was very late, they knew nothing of computers, etc. Etc. etc. In my opinion, this is a serious mistake, we don’t have to give us by expired and resign ourselves have the age that we all have a right to live a full, free and satisfactory life and if not we strive to have it then as we are going to get? By very elderly who feel (for my age is only a number since you can be young and feel old or vice versa) never have to let learn, study, enjoy life, do activities that you like, take a walk, travel, dancing. LIVE! Because if we do, then certainly we will be defeated. I encourage all the women young and not so young that they are worried about their future and their financial freedom, to take charge of your life and think that they have to be simple followers can become entrepreneurs of their lives and become leaders who are an example for those around them and a help for other people who need them.

Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the topic, what is important is that you you desire to learn and a desire to succeed in the Networkmarketing there are many professional men and women who are willing to share their knowledge and help us free because that is the true meaning of this business: people helping people and together achieve success. I say goodbye leaving you with a reflection of my heroine and example to follow: Mother Teresa of Calcutta: always keep in mind that the skin wrinkles, hair turns white, the days become years but the important thing does not change, your strength and your conviction do not have age. Your spirit is the Duster of any Cobweb. Behind every finishing line, there is a departure. Behind every achievement, there is another challenge. While you are alive, you feel alive. If you miss what you were doing, do it again. Don’t live yellow photo follows though all expect you to leave. Don’t let rusting iron that is in thee. Get that instead of pity, they have respect. When for years you can not run, it jogs over. When you can not jogging, walking. When you can not walk, it uses the cane but never, never stop!