Network Data Privacy

According to the author of the article (Maria Vega) object of review, the main asset of companies such as Yahoo!, Google, Facebook, are the privacy of millions of users. Advertisers struggle to them, while Governments try to prevent it. It is of multinational companies that compete for a market that moves more than 51.650 million euros a year. On the other hand, advertisers are demanding to learn more about the recipients of your advertising and these multinational companies saved personal information of more than 500 million users. On the one hand the position of companies: manifest that only allow the insertion of advertisements aimed at specific groups based on their tastes and that, in any case, personal data are sent to advertisers. On the other hand, is the reality: that is showing that the privacy policies of these companies are table. Recent news outlined by Audea endorse this statement.

In Spain, the AEPD has opened disciplinary proceedings against Google by its street name Street View, to face fines that could reach 2.4 million euros by the collection of personal data via WiFi networks accessible private from the streets that their cars have circulated to record images that users of this virtual street view. Both Google and Facebook are companies with headquarters in the United States of America and on the Internet it governed by the principle of control of the activity in the country of origin reason which makes call into question the ability to sanction the AEPD. However, we understand that a portion of the users of the service reside in Spain so it would have to take into account the forecasts contained in the law 34/2002, of 11 July, services of the society of information and electronic commerce.