To negotiate is one of the acts most common of the human being. We negotiate with our family to choose where to pass the vacations, to decide what to buy or to choose the place where supper. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. Also we are negotiating in our work when making right the stated period for execution of an activity with our head, in the school, at last in all the places. The main characteristic of this process, is that when has divergence of interests or agreement, the negotiation becomes difficult and complex. This can be observed of clear form in the world of the businesses, where the conflict of interests is common and constant. Many imagine that to negotiate, in the universe of the companies, it mentions only mega transactions between companies, but the act of vender a product or service in its essence is a negotiation. The impact of this situation, is that had the inability, or preparation lack, many chances and customers are lost. Studies demonstrate that a company loses customers because: – 1% of the customers die.

– 3% of the customers if dumb. – 5% of the customers acquire new habits. – 9% of the customers for price questions. – 14% of the customers for the product quality/services. – 68% of the customers for the behavior of the employees. In this aspect, it is observed that the behavior of the employees involves since questions as problems of attendance or unpreparedness and other questions that compose the negotiation process. If analyzed of the economic point of view, it is observed that the behavior of the employees can be the differential between the success and the prosperity of a company, or its failure. In such a way, it is observed that to invest in the formation of the employees so that these know to act of the correct form in a negotiation it is basic.