National Commission

The ATHENIAN IN the MEETING OF the NATIONAL COMMISSION OF the BICENTENNIAL OF PARAGUAY (1811 – 2011) Wednesday 28 of October of 2009, to the 16 hours, was realised the meeting of the National Commission of the Bicentennial, in the Bicameral Room of the National Congress. He gave to beginning to the session the President of the National Congress, Lic. Miguel Carrizosa. Soon the meeting was chaired by the Dr. Ticio Escobar, Minister of Culture; who was accompanied in the table by the National Senator Iris Gonzlez Dew, President of the Commission of Education, Culture and Cult of the Senate; the National Deputy Dr. Victor Rivers, President of the Commission of Education, Culture and Cult of the House of Representatives; and the Executive Secretary of the National Commission Bicentennial Mrs Margarita Morselli. Journalist Antonio Pecci celebrated of moderator.

A numerous amount of public and deprived institutions was represented in this meeting, among them the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI. Each, to its turn set out the plans anticipated by each organization in adhesion to the celebrations of the Bicentennial. Next the text of the presentation done by the LANGUAGE ATHENIAN AND CULTURE GUARANI: Gentlemen National Commission Bicentennial Republic of Paraguay In the name of the ATHENIAN OF LANGUAGE AND CULTURE GUARANI I go to You in order to declare to them that our organization already is total and shared in common adhered to the National Commission of the Bicentennial of Paraguay and, in that sense, from the month of last August, we have arranged that all our national and international activities promote the Bicentennial. Thus, for example, the Vigesimocuarta National Edition of August, Month of the Guarani Language – that included diverse cultural encounter, like char them, conferences, forums, congresses, festivales, encounter with the Guarani poetry and kso emombe u, contests, etc. that were realised in our 100 Regional ones and other premises like schools, schools, cultural institutes of educational formation, universities, centers, places, streets, cooperatives, etc fulfilled the assignment to promote Bicentennial and to the National Commission of the Bicentennial of Paraguay.