Myths And Misconceptions About Windows

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs', 'Snow Queen' and 'Little Red Riding Hood' – many people remember these children's stories. Today, they appear already in the high tech world and inspire imagination of users. Especially a lot of fictional stories tell of Windows. The most common operating system is enough material to compose a fascinating tales about the registry and espionage thrillers about hackers and AMD users. Similar stories have already accumulated so much that they can easily compete with a collection of tales of the Brothers Grimm. We will help you figure out which of them contain a grain of truth, and which are pure invention.

Many legends about the ideal Windows to run through Nome cleaned to a shine registry comes more from old computer time – and they are not so false, as some testers. In contrast, some of the descriptions – the real stories that just sow panic among users. But now with the myths finished: I'll tell you what is behind the family stories about Windows, and will explain how to actually operate the modern systems. In this article you will find practical advice for the correct optimization, which are guaranteed to help you, and the necessary protection programs, and accelerate the analysis, we put on our drive. Myth 1. Net registry.

Cleaning up your PC faster. You probably have heard that cleaning registry speeds up your system. In the confusion we introduce Cinderella, who kept saying, looking through the rump 'better – in a pot, much worse – in zobochek'.