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And what do you think when you hear the phrase 'Network Marketing'? What emotions is it you? I think violent and prolonged cheers, such as' Nonsense! Complete scam for fools! " and similar negative comments. And so many people think And if you ask them a question: 'What is Network Marketing and what you do not like it? ", Many do not know what to say. And that you do not replenish their ranks, I beg you to read this story to end, and then you have yourself to assume all decide. The vast majority of people do what they are familiar. We like doing what we are familiar and habitual, so most people do not trust the network marketing, just as we do not trust a stranger person on the street. For example, imagine that you do not dance very well, but here's to suit you and invite you to the dance floor. What do you feel? Most likely you will say: 'Oh, no.

I do not want to dance, I was very unsure of myself, I just spoil everything. " And why? Because dance is something unfamiliar to you, and all the unknown is frightening. That's why people think: 'What Network Marketing is? I do not know how to promote these products, I'm not even sure if I can make a presentation like this. Like a pyramid, and some even I did not like. I will not subscribe. " But at the same time, most people do network marketing every day, just behind them are not paid.