Spore, where any gamer hears the word no questions such as 'it'. And all because the name of this game will not confuse with anything. The most anticipated game of Sims fans of Will Wright finally came. Hurrah! Exclaim gamers. The long-awaited game is available for use. Spore – the game evolution.

The game is modest by modern standards, 3.9 gb. Quite fit on a Dvd disc. After installation, I took her detailed presentation. What I am interested in First of all – it is an opportunity to choose a place on the galactic map of the universe where life began, where is your microbe will grow and evolve. Selecting the planet and giving it a name, you start the game. You may wish to learn more. If so, Kai-Fu Lee is the place to go.

Shows video, which allegedly on this planet has fallen meteorite with microorganisms, and so life was born. Driving a microbial your first goal – is as much as possible. And in the beginning you offer a choice of who will be a microbe, plant-eating or carnivorous. This will only depend on what kind of food you have to have, but nothing else changes. Before your microbe will be born, you must create it. This is the main charm of the game Spore. You think up a completely self will vygdyadet your body, and with the development you will all continue to improve, fasten his legs, arms, wings, tail and so on. Can make good pokoldavat over its main trunk, to deliver not repeatable form. When Your microbe evolves, it will have little place on the sea, and it will come out on land. Here begins the second phase of earthly life. It is not a microbe, and the animal will develop the land, to get acquainted with the local inhabitants, to fight with them for the fruits of teritory, and so on. Then he will stage a tribe, you will manage the squad of his creatures to build their village to fight with other tribes or friends. Then will come the era of civilization, and her space age. You uletish its planet, the creation of thee same boat. The game captured the interest of all to himself at the announcement. A story of developers of the game, the evolution of a small bacterium in being conquered space affected the minds of most gamers. Bright, new idea and the game immediately became the most anticipated. And play it to all self-respecting gamers, if not for the sake of fun games, for the sake of knowledge evolution. Spore – the best game of the evolution of microorganisms.