Mikhail Baktim

Ahead of this, for the semiotics this concept of the language is more including, therefore it is not limited to study only the citizen that speaks or what it is said by it, but, the significao or representation of the concept or the idea in the nature of the culture. Visa of this form the semiotics as the analysis of the speech has bases in significant the semiolgica face/and the epistemolgica/meant, since semiose limitless as Pierce (1983) if accent from the meanings that go appearing ahead of the conceptualization of each sign. thus goes appearing the new and diverse concepts from this language and of the reading of the symbols. 2.1 The SEMIOTICS IN the SPEECH AND the LANGUAGE For Mikhail Baktim ' ' everything is scrumbled to the dialogue, the dialgica contraposition while center. Everything is half dialogues, it is the end. One voice nothing only finishes nothing decides. Two voices are the minimum of vida' '. This idea sample that the relations human beings are determined historically from the language not as a system of abstract structures, but in its dialgico aspect, where the citizen becomes the element that manipulates this language through the interdiscursividade, over all with this vision can say, however, that the language is constituidora of the citizen. Barros (2005) sample that: The positioning change front to the language facts not more took to the appearance of diverse theoretical proposals that conceive the text, and the phrase, as felt unit of and that they consider, therefore, that the direction of the phrase depends on the direction of the text. To the side of the studies of the text, different pragmatic theories or of the articulation had been developed, also, that has the point of view in common adopted of examination of the relations between the instance of the articulation and the text-statement and enter the enunciador of the text and enunciatrio, for who the text is manufactured.