Miguel Dominguez

After a conversation with my friend Sandra, and recalling our beginnings in this spectacular and exciting market of the Copywriter, told me. I remember the first time that a customer offered me to do a study of a market in particular. I was petrified. It was beginner in my career as freelance writer and did not have much experience. I got lots of questions.

What the hell is a market study?, where do I find information?, what is the format?, how much should I charge? He had no idea. Of course, at the moment, my friend Sandra already know answer to these questions and many more. In fact, writes dozens of case studies of clients each year. Studies that makes and projects that manages today are at a level more high, and economically much more lucrative and fascinating tells Me Sandra. (I am very happy that my first client offered me the post years ago)! If you are not familiar with case studies, do not worry.

They are really very simple to prepare. A case study is just an elegant name for a success story the story of a happy customer and the experience of the use of a product or service. Lately I’ve noticed that many companies are forced to make case studies in writing, and its main Handicap is that they have difficulties to find writers who can do the work. This explains the opportunity for you and me that this entails. And in the future the opportunity will be even greater and better. Consider the following: 1. the case studies are not difficult to write. They are similar in style and format to an article or newsletter. So if you can write one of these items, you can write a case study. 2. The case studies are relatively short. Generally speaking, around 400-800 words. Once you’ve gained some experience, you will be able to present a case study in less than a day. 3. The formats are standardized Unlike ads and direct mail, you not stress by having to reach to a striking surprising or titular concept. The basic structure of a case study is very simple. All that is required of you is get the facts and write a good piece. 4. Great demand for writers to do case studies. Today, more companies are rushing to make case studies written. I can not give an exact figure, but, in my opinion, the case study writers demand has increased considerably in the past two years. 5 There is little competition not sure why, but there are a few writers in this market. Some do not know that it exists. Others may wrongly think that studies cases are boring or require great technique. It is not true! The matter is storytelling in writing. It’s fun. 6. The case studies are well paid surprisingly well. Now; do not go to the fees paid to the Superstars of editors of direct mail in the big leagues. But the majority of customers pay very well for writing case studies. You can earn $100 per hour, right that is a reasonable expectation for a writer with little experience?. I know many that you earn much more. At this time the case studies market is booming. Why don’t you jump and get your part of these interesting and lucrative concerts of writing?