Metaphysics Technique

The man of today can until being considered a thinker in relation to the calculating thought, but she is a beggar in relation to the meditating thought. (Heidegger, 1976, P. 517 – 518). While the calculating thought commemorates its triumph in all the spheres, the technique and the increasing ordinance that it imposes to the world of the beings unfold its being as danger. However, alert us Heidegger, computer is not the products of the technique (, artificial intelligence) nor its use that are dangerous. The danger would be in the proper essence of the technique, that imposes a provocative behavior and that it conducts the relation of the man with the others and the totality of the things. Really, it does not have nothing of demonic in the technique.

But the mystery of its essence exists yes, that is not nothing of technician. fact is that this overwhelming domain of the devices technician, cibernticos, places the man in danger, therefore threat its pensante essence, guarding the true one felt of its proper one to be. Most pernicious and ominous it is that the inherent danger the essence of the technique is not felt as such, therefore belongs to the essence of the danger to dissimulate if itself exactly, presenting with the signals of the progress and pseudo welfare state. She is necessary then to elaborate one another form of language, thought and way of being and being in the world so that the danger if desvele as such, and let us can glimpse what safe. In middle of the decade of thirty, Heidegger displays in its workmanship Introduction to Metaphysics 1935 the consequncias of the overwhelming and demonic character of the Technique in modernity. The planetary domain of the Technique would promote at our time the obscurecimento of the world, process marked for the escape of deuses (dessacralizao of our relations with the things, for the destruction of the land desertificada by it calculates, the massificao of the man Transformed into crossbow of the work and the priority of the mediocre one.