Plywood is dry and light. During the manufacturing process (pressing under high temperature and pressure) of it evaporates all the moisture – the plywood never lead and never rassohnetsya. 4. As a finishing classical models commonly used oak, beech and alder. Developed by the company varnishing technology enables to produce not only beautiful, but durable and decorative elements. 5. Selection of upholstery colors and decorations made of tailor-made – thus, your sofa to get an exclusive piece of furniture. In LATO furniture you will find the widest choice of finishes – more than 20 options, and amount of padding can vary up to infinity.

The use of leather and fabric collections from the best Italian company Italvelutti guarantee the durability of furniture. 6. In most models, zip pouch. In addition, for many tissues permitted laundry in a washing machine that will allow you to clean your furniture. You can also order a second set of covers, and is, in essence, a new sofa. 7.

Softness and elasticity of sofas achieved by using a highly elastic polyurethane foam. Density polyurethane foam used for the manufacture of seat cushions at least 35 kg/m3. Density – the value of showing how much polyurethane contained in unit volume. The density of the polyurethane foam depends on longevity – the higher the density, the longer it will last. 8. All models are equipped with sofa mechanism of transformation that can be easily transformed into a sofa bed. Most models use one of the most recent arrangements for daily sleep Tornado spring orthopedic mattress thickness of 14 cm Using this type of mechanism allows anyone the most fantastic design, as in the classics and in modern dance. 9. Quality upholstered furniture begins long before its production. First of all – it's high production standards, which determines the proper attitude to their work with the staff is especially important for manual assembly of upholstered furniture. Use in the manufacture of furniture of all necessary to optimize the human work equipment can provide high quality handmade furniture. 10. Careful study of details and back, purl parts – the first sign of good furniture. To finish the back of the furniture company LATO uses the same material as the main part. The list could go on and on: the delivery of furniture at a convenient time for the customer, quality of service, direct delivery of materials, ensuring the timely production of orders, etc. But we called our article "10 reasons to order furniture LATO , so stop. So, on the basis of the foregoing, it is safe to say that furniture companies LATO – this is a real find for those who care about design and quality furniture.