Man Sociology

Through the analysis of the geographic space, that understands everything and all while ' ' a set indissociveis of systems of objects and systems of aes' ' , we can understand the formation of social groups, the cultural diversity, as well as the appropriation of the nature on the part of the men. Beyond the symbolic dimensions more subjective as the feeling of the Man for the space where it lives express for the place concept. For Castrogiovanni (2000, p.12) Geography, History and Sociology form the triad where if guideline in the school today, the calls ' ' Sociais&#039 studies; '. If the paper of alfabetizao of the space, History fits Geography in turn ' ' it deals with? times? , while it deals with the experience human being in the production and reproduction of the ways of life partilhada for all and each one them homens.' ' Sociology, continues the author, is responsible for the approach in the social relations. Valley to remember that these are didactic divisions, therefore in the practical time-space and society they are not divisible, what it happens is the emphasis biggest given by each disciplines, that privileges the space (Geography), time (History), or still society (Sociology).

Of this form sciences human beings bring obtain a metodolgico problem in its education. According to Castrogiovanni (2000, p.12) some signs worked for these you discipline tend to appear dead front to the world of the pupil, therefore ' ' the meanings are academics and many times incompreendidos for the proper professors. They lack significaes for educandos.' ' However, if to work an education without significao, based only on the memorization of concepts, and used theories to be repeated in tests, would be thus being retrograde when reproducing an education that was defended by the dictatorship, that does not search reflection or agreement of the world that in the fence.