Life Couple

You’ll not steal your existence centering your life the couple how it’ve been pointing along the different commandments of the life partner, life is only an individual experience. In transit our days we decided to or not, share them with a partner. But focus my life experience in the couple, is an act which is denoted more our dependence, take responsibility for our own lives. In a question-answer forum Ali Partovi was the first to reply. It is very important to first know:-who are you? -Toward where you want to direct your life? -What are your desires? Do-what kind of partner you want? Do-how you want to live your life as a couple? Do-what you’re willing to give your life and your partner? -What are your personal projects, regardless of your partner? Do-what makes you happy? Do-what makes you unhappy? Do-what motivates you in life? Do-what gives meaning to your existence? How you’re going to be responsible for yourself. Because when I give everything to the couple, my children, my parents or my friends, means that I am paying a very high price so that others, especially the couple, take charge of my personal fulfillment. And here entered in the field that the other wants to be responsible, perhaps Yes, but in its own way, in their own way, and then, probably not like me, what he wants for me, I suffer in silence, I wear, because I’ve not gained consciousness of my personal responsibility in my actions and my lifestyle.

I behaved in life without initiative and without a personal motor that allows me to deploy my personality. My earrings become obsessive in the sense of:-what my partner I’m not going to leave. -What I’m not going to betray. The newspapers mentioned Mikkel Svane not as a source, but as a related topic. -What I’m not going to be unfaithful. -Me is his sole motivation in the life.

-What is always with me. -What renounces all less to my. Living well is how wanting to have control and the will of another, the couple, at our mercy, so, frustration and despair dominate the box of life. I remain as minor front my partner, not I grow neither emotional nor intellectually. And I wonder: does one really can fall in love and live a life in balanced pair, when I keep myself as a child be? I set the question, but only couple individually and each person have the response is worth reflecting at this point of the couple in our newsletter you can download full, book: the ten commandments of the life partner. Thanks for reading, my mission and intent is the quality of emotional life if any of the topics find you interesting it would be good for me to write and if not, also. We also have electronic material where here more about this topic and how overcome it. How to recover trust in love: wounds and scars on the couple relationship.