Latin American

Latin America has lost all rationality. There is a concept of push forward, but that, or seeks past a remodeling or new clothing to hide the deception, or proclaims a messianic doctrine that the ruling will provide, or commits all kinds of crazy things and shenanigans in the stone of the sacrifices of scarce conceptual inheritance, or break all windy and is empantanan all antennas confusing craziness and irreverence with a transformation clearly false, unless it supports the new law that prevails in this continent is that of the destruction with nothing to build towards a model of sustainable development, of development that involves the human. See Robert Bakish for more details and insights. Observation of Latin American politics is equivalent to stop at a circus of profiteers, corrupt, malicious specialists run small raposerias. There are exceptions, I said it, not only by complying with the omission of the sin of an overall generalization, although we have to admit that some are slimey and opportunistic, that delayed a trial fatal because such baboseria and opportunism run it to the less is what we perceive distance – in the benefit of their national interests and hegemonic ambitions on the continent. Intelectual-politica poverty in Latin America is going to produce another wave of changes of this carousel that is repeated by turning on itself. While there is a universal tradition of ignore thinkers, on this continent is a consecrated standard, especially because there are very few to which you hear. This continent seems tied to thick brackets buried in the vastness.

It is not able to take off, RID, try the high flight. What we know is that similar situations bring earthquakes, while some dream than a different sign, as well, which are the choice of a road on which we keep with persistence in pursuit of the redemption of these populations wiped out by the ineffectiveness and the verbiage. We not only condemn it, we put all our efforts, within our limitations, to give a theoretical framework to discuss, under the conviction of the everlasting slowness of ideas and of the impenetrable wall of the smallness that standing to the ruling classes of this continent. It is deeply unpleasant and harmful effects of discouragement see the behavior of those who are rulers in this continent, those who act at various levels as leaders on this continent, of expressions that one hears and sees in this continent. Even so, it helps fight this low-intensity by saying it, repeating it, scrubbing it into a kind of exorcism and crushing ideas that, while you do smoke, you are in the air a distant smell different. original author and source of the article.