Japanese Collection

From 26 to 27 May Trading Network DECA introduced new brands and made presentations on the innovations already famous and popular brands. First day began with the presentation of brands, whose experience on the world hour market is estimated in decades, production and development is at the highest professional level. Glamour Stylish and French charm to the conference, as always, has a brilliant fashion collection Elite. In all its glory presents exciting new women's models. Glitter and shine stones Swarovski, sparkling under the sun Crimean not leave anyone indifferent. In addition to the well-known elegant women's collection presented watches for men – Elite men's fashion. A new collection of clocks Elite attracted the attention of not only the embodiment of contemporary trends in classical models, but also by men, so beloved of sports chronographs. The world-famous modeling agency so perfectly embodied the idea of fashion design hours that they were not only indicator of individual taste, but also ambassadors of the unique concept of activity and confidence.

Widely known and loved by all Japanese brand CASIO continues to amaze all the inexhaustible energy of ideas, as in the new collection of G-STYLER (G-Shock), and in the renewed collection of Baby-G, Casio Sport, Edifice. Under the motto TICKS JUST LIKE YOU (to keep up with its owner) model, as always, have complex specifications from avtopodsvetki, world clock, a thermometer, to hours with a notebook and a countdown timer. Presented a series of digital-analog clock with thermometer, water resistant up to 100m which is intended for people involved in water sports or leading Extreme lifestyle. I can safely say that the watch CASIO not only index the image of man, but also an indispensable tool in any situation.