Internet Marketing

World Wide Web, along with personal computers forms the technological basis for the development of the international concept of "World Information Society". In Russia, almost all secondary schools since 2008 are equipped with computers with access to global computer network and basic software packages for teaching computer science, working with personal computers and the Internet. Internet Marketing (born internet marketing) – Is the practice of all aspects of online advertising to get a response from the audience, which includes both creative and technical aspects of the Internet, including design, development, advertising and marketing. The methods of internet marketing include search engine marketing (which includes both search engine optimization and PPC advertising), banner ads, e-mail marketing, affiliation marketing, viral marketing, hidden marketing, interactive advertising and e-mail advertising. According to various sources of online sales are growing year by year, in spite of the global economy. For example, in China for the first quarter 2009 sales by Internet increased by 20% compared to the same period in 2008.

This is largely due to the fact that the promotion of an online store, and subsequent sale of goods through the site, allows you to save money on lease and salary vendors, security guards and cashiers. Especially since the purchase through the site only takes a few minutes. However, if the regular store customers can go to "accidentally", the online store by chance one does not go down. And in order to users still notice your life is worth to do promotion for the online store. The most effective method to date (the ratio of money invested in advertising for profit) is an exploratory advance online store. The basic idea of search engine promotion is the following, user types, for example, "buy a TV LG 6000", sees a link to your online store and goes for it. Naturally, the higher the site in search results, the greater the probability of a transition potential buyers to your store.

In order to begin site promotion online store, it needs to be done. Then you must select key words and phrases that users will come from search engines. Next, you need to optimize Promoted page and modify, if necessary, the structure of the site to look in the eyes of search engines more attractive. All of these works on promotion of an online store, of course, very important, but today the situation has developed in such a way that achieve high places as a result of issue without buying links on websites donor virtually impossible. It is for external links takes more time and money. Gradually, the robot will re-searcher all sites, donor, which established links to an online store, and with each week position in the search results will continue to grow until they occupy specified positions. Term promotion of the site an online store is 6-8 weeks after the start of work.