International CES

For the first time LG Electronics (LG) presented its full range of smart appliances, known by the name of LG through technology, at the 2011 International CES. This innovation consists of five key features: Smart Grid (responsible solutions), Smart Diagnosis (general diagnosis of the home & service LG), Smart Access (access to resources), Smart Adapt (adaptation to needs) and Food Management (power management). LG through Technology offers a complete smart solution that allows consumers to manage their homes in a more centralized and convenient way. First Smart Grid would be in charge of giving solutions special to the home support, care when it comes to the consumption of resources such as electricity, water and gas. For its part Smart Diagnosis is responsible for reporting damage and respective service LG of the resources that are used in the home, as it would be an optimal service monitors LG. For its part, Smart Access It will be a type of remote control that will provide access total to the different resources of the household just give some orders essential, while the Smart Adapt will be the ability that the different resources of the home is updated mantangan and stays within a given standard of efficiency. Finally, the Food Management will be an application that will help you limit and know how to use different food resources in order to save them and make them the most for our benefit. With all these innovative functions and intelligent options, LG through Technology is helping consumers a life more comfortable and enjoy a new level of convenience and interactivity.