Information Professor

Such difficulty, becomes implicante factor for the assimilation of the content, a time that the professor will make a disentailed boarding of a description-scientific context. In the confrontation of the challenges, according to Romanowsky (2008, P. 118), the manifest professor answers, many times, common and linear, disclosing difficulty in dealing with innumerable processes of the mediation task. This sample that the value of the action of the professor shows in the capacity to collate the problems and to search alternatives for the success of the relation knowledge and promotion of the learning. mes Dondero wanted to know more. The necessary professor to have beyond the knowledge, the capacity, knowing to make. For this, the didactic knowledge is basic. Although it is not cabvel to say, but in this in case that &#039 makes sensible the expression all; ' This professor does not have didtica' ' , that is, it has knowledge, but he does not know as to repass or to apply it.

' ' He does not obtain to transform the information into knowledge and this in sapincia' ' (Morin apud Romanowsky, 2008, P. 118). A consensus exists enters the majority of historians of whom the past cannot be rescued such which happened, it only can be reconstructed in function of the questions placed for the gift. Thus, also it is consensual that, to reconstruct the past, the historian manipulates the essential characteristics of the time: the succession, the duration, the concurrence. Moreover, the proper historians have reconstructed the secular past from periodizaes and clippings, as well as attemped apprehending the proper temporality of some societies. Thus, to dominate, to understand and to explicitar the criteria of historical periodizao, of the multiple temporalities of the societies, to become accomplish the learning of the chronology, are also challenges of the historical procedure in classroom. Finally, one of the elements considered today essential to the historical procedure in classroom is, without a doubt, the work with the sources or documents.